Have a love of scifi, comics, novels, comedy, design, movies, online communities, tech, or crafts? So do we! In fact, everyone geeks out about something!


Here on NiB, you can rely on news, reviews, and updates from nerdy chicks that love what they write about. We started as a group of girls on an online community called The Node that wanted to talk about our fandoms. From a novel idea and an effort to make it happen, we’ve brought in a fantastic group of girls that want to do just that. We’re the ladies you see at cons (maybe in cosplay, or maybe getting a comic signed), played games with online, and probably talked to on that random Fringe forum that one time. We love our hobbies, and want nothing more than to share them with others.

So sit back, and let us tell you about some great new things that are coming out, or take you on a trip down memory lane to your favorite childhood movies.


If you have a project you want us to review, a topic you’d like to see us cover, or want to be a nerd in babeland, yourself, use the contact for below to get in touch with us!


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