Yes, that’s correct. I’m late to the game of watching LOST. I have just started Season one and was originally going to post a short WTF after finishing each episode, but when I started taking notes, I found that my brain went in all directions. I have shared my impressions with those in the Node, but for those of you who haven’t yet joined I figured I would make the doodles available for all.

Here is the only one I could post on here as all the others are incredibly NSFW. The gallery will grow in time, but if you want to catch glimpses into the opinions of someone staring at the show with fresh eyes, the gallery is here.
Enjoy, leave comments, but please don’t spoil it! I have managed to make it six years without knowing ANYTHING about this show!
Oh, for the big Jack and Kate fans… Yeah… I don’t like them. That’s my opinion for the moment. Who knows. Maybe in one of the future episodes Kate will burst forth from the jungle riding a polar bear while brandishing a spear and take out Charlie… then I will hate her.