If the content that follows offends anyone, I apologize. I am just fired up over this book that is being sold on Amazon.

For those who haven’t seen yet, there is a book called “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure”. There is a big debate going on about it, in regards to the right to the freedom of speech.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse that ended when I was 9, this turns my stomach. I’m now 31 and I will be dealing with the after effects of my abuse for the rest of my life. Myself and many others got robbed of our childhoods because of sick people who get their sexual satisfaction from children, which are NOT sexual objects. This affects us life long, compromising our livelihoods, relationships and even lives (many just commit suicide unable to bear the pain and shame.) The author wants understanding and lighter sentences, or to tell others how to get away with it? If it were up to the survivors, you wouldn’t be allowed to live. Abusers should thank the legal system for saving their pathetic lives.

Amazon should remove this. It’s only going to bring pain and anger, nothing beneficial can come of this. Some “freedom of speech” isn’t deserved. If you forfeit your right to being a decent human being, you forfeit your rights such as freedom of speech…

Now some have said that if this is censored then other “unpleasant” things in people’s opinions should be censored, such as books regarding gay relationships and gay sexual acts. The difference is gay people have a choice about what actions they do or choose not do.

Children do not. If they aren’t outright forced and raped by pedophiles, many pedo’s enjoy the mind games. My abuser didn’t force me with a gun, but he was a cop and he always told me if I told anyone I’d be taken away from my mom and family. They were my world and I didn’t know any better, and I was taught to trust officers so… So I did things he told me to. I laid there when he did other things to me. Ill spare you details. I did this for a long time until I had a nervous breakdown at the age of 9. I still have to deal with the memories almost everyday and I’m now 31. Intimate situations make me nervous, almost involuntarily, I constantly feel afraid and anxious.

My lifelong torment that i try to deal with daily was all because he just had to take advantage of me, my innocence. Making me forever feel tainted, not normal, spoiled; stuck dealing with it and relationships suffering because I’m afraid.

His punishment? 30 yrs in jail (max penalty i believe) and a tag that he has to carry…

I’m sorry, I can’t be accepting enough of the freedom of speech for something like this. There is zero benefit for it except for other abusers.  It’s not a matter of censoring something that we think is bad. It’s censoring something that IS bad, and illegal, and censoring it will protect those who in this case cannot protect themselves.

I can understand people’s stances on freedom of speech, but there is a time when wrong is wrong, regardless of trying to follow things to the letter.

This is one of those times I don’t see how anything that this book offers benefits anyone of worth. The only people who SHOULD get upset at it’s censorship, are the people guilty of needing/enjoying it.

Thanks for letting me get this out, I am just so fired up. Sorry if its kinda jumbled, I’m just writing from my emotions. Also, if you know someone who has been abused, best advice I can tell you is just be there for them when they need you. We may not always know why we are upset, and if you ask us why, we cannot give you a definite reason, but just knowing someone cares helps us get through things one day at a time.