Last night Mr. Doc and I attended the first ATL show of The Nerdist. In a word…it was AWESOME. We had FREE front row seats, and it was well worth driving in ATL for the first time. There were four comics before him. I really enjoyed this one named Patton Smith, he was pretty freaking funny. But he was nothing compared to the man himself, Mr. Chris Hardwick. About 30 minutes in he came over to our side of the stage and mentioned that he liked my Dr Who shirt, he then asked Mr. Doc what he was wearing, which was a Stephen King Dark Tower t-shirt. Chris told us we were adorable. He asked how we met, and was somewhat incredulous when we informed him we met while selling firearms at a local Bass Pro. Later he found out we had been truckers too, then he found out I had been to China. After he and I had about a 20 minute conversation in the middle of his show, he proceeded to say that Mr. Doc and I were the most interesting people he had ever met. I find this hard to believe but it sure was nice of him to say nonetheless. I got a hug and picture afterward and went home a very happy bunny indeed.