Greetings, Fringeophiles (Fringephiliacs?, Fringe Fiends? Does this show have a special moniker for its cult members yet?)! And welcome back to Silver Title land! Silver Title Land being ‘our’ reality or the ‘real’ reality, in as much as a TV show has a reality. But lets not wax philosophical just yet. At any rate, this week we are back with the lovable, zany Walter and the always creepily half smiling Faulivia.

This week’s episode goes all twisty like and lands headlong into its own version of the X Files mythology. That wily minx Faulivia has done the deed with Peter, theoretically to throw him off the scent of her not being the real Liv. Seems like its working a little too, he brings her breakfast in bed and tickets to a U2 concert. Apparently there is no U2 in the Alt Uni, seeing as how Fauxliv seems to be faking it when she claims ‘I love U2!’ But enough about Bono’s theoretical existence in other realms, the Bat Signal has been activated once again! Holy Uneaten Toast!

(As an aside, what happened to the Peter from the pilot? The hard edged dude with a mysterious past who’d seemingly had run in’s with ne’er do wells all over the globe? I like the current Peter and its definitely arguable that his characteristics are necessary to the overall plots and arc of the show. I just wonder when the big shift happened and why it wasnt explained even a wee bit? Then again I am questioning the humanity of a character on a show where a whole other universe run by a madman and half trapped in amber exists, so perhaps I should rethink my priorities.)

Seems 15 people listening to shortwave numbers stations have undergone an identity crisis so heinous the FBI needs to investigate. Long story short, there is a pulse in the broadcast that gives listeners amnesia (separated out by Walter via a Jimi Hendrix wahwah pedal, natch) ostensibly to keep them from learning the secret behind the numbers. Aaaaaand that’s where we take a left turn at ‘just another freaky thing to investigate’ to ‘ZOMG consipracy!’ Apparently the pulse was placed in the code by a shapeshifter (Kevin Wiseman, ‘The One Ring to Rule them’  guy from Clerks 2.. casting win!) on orders from back home in Red Title Land, aka the Walternate Universe. Via our strange bookselling weirdo we learn the numbers are a code from way back when as given to us by ‘The First People’, who found/created The Vacuum which expands and destroys matter even on the scale of universes and worlds before they vanished. Ooooh! Things are starting to make some sense, no?

Too bad the freaky-eyed shifter gets thrown out a window by Fauxliv.

The whole time Walter has been giving Peter no end of grief for trying to figure out the weird organic bio machine from ‘The Box’. Walter is afraid only one world can survive and this machine will be used to determine which. Seems he can break the universe all he wants, but Peter isnt allowed to use his toys to do the same. After a pot fueled talk with Nina (its ok, they both have scripts they say.. maybe this explains Walter’s obsession with candy and ‘foods that crunch’?) Walter changes his tune after 30 some odd more pieces of the thing are found thanks to Astrid figuring out that the code actually refers to coordinates where the pieces are buried. About bloody time we got some Awesome Astrid Action!

Whew..What did I forget? Oh yeah.. Fauxliv losing it little by little.

She about blows her cover when Peter asks her to recite the code from memory. Liv has a photographic memory, apparently little things like that and hair color arent replicated exactly within the varying universes. She fakes it ok, but not so well when Nina asks her why she doesnt talk to Walter herself re: the use of his toys. She is usually so direct with him, Nina ponders. She also questions Peter about the whole ‘only one world can survive’ thing.

  • “If you knew that only one of our worlds could survive and if it was up to you, and you alone, to defend your side… You’d have no choice, right? I mean, you would have to do what you had to do. No matter the cost to protect… our world.” Fauxlivia

  • “There are billions of innocent people over there, just like here… people with jobs, families, lives. I got to believe there’s another way. And whatever my part in all of this is… I got to believe there’s another way. There’s always hope, right?” Peter

Could it be she is softening toward the folks in this reality? Eh, maybe not seeing as how later on the mysterious typewriter of strangeness used to send messages to the Alt Uni she receives an order to ‘Initiate Phase 2’ once telling the other side that all the pieces of the box of weird have been located.

Aaaaand then we jump again! Now in the Walternate Universe, our Olivia is told she need not come in for more testing in the isolation tank. Spectre Peter (the one who lives in her head when she isnt loaded on pills) tells her she knows why they cancelled it. They dont need her anymore, she isnt safe.. its time to ‘go home’.

Will Faulivia kill us all? Will Olivia ever make it back home? Will Walter eat his weight in skittles? Which world will survive? And most importantly, if they wrap this up, will it mean the end for Fringe? Afterall, if you find the secrets of the universe, what do you do for an encore? Oh the suspense!

Glyph Time!

Stay tuned for next week (from Fringepedia): The Abducted – A serial kidnapper strikes and Colonel Broyles sends a determined Fringe team to uncover additional details about the abductions. Olivia fights her memory issues and reunites with someone she believes can help her to return to her universe.


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