ShadowHawk Property Of Image Comics and Jim Valentino

Recently I attend the NC Comicon (for a review of that con, see my Fandomania article). While there, I attended a panel led by Jim Valentino of Image Comics. Among other things that were discussed, he mentioned a new-to-me comic character that I have got to check out! That character would be ShadowHawk and was described as ‘what Batman would be if he wasn’t a pansy who kept letting the bad guys, namely Joker, get away.’ Finally! Someone who understands me!

I grew up on Batman. I have never missed a movie and I’ve even sat through some of the not-so-good animations. One thing I’ve always been frustrated over was Batman’s continual morals that never lets him kill those that deserve to be killed, else he be no better than the criminals who run the streets. Yeah, well, I disagree with that theory. That may be why my favorite vigilante anti-hero in the Batman universe is Jason Todd aka Red Hood. He has his own morals, along the lines of ‘those that deserve to die will die.’ He’s also the rejected middle child of the Batman family, so he has his own set of problems to deal with.

But until this past weekend I had never even heard of ShadowHawk. In my defense, my exposure to comics was always limited to the big two of Marvel and DC, so I’ve just recently been trying harder to branch into all the other presses. That’s why I like attending comic conventions, since the independent market abounds there. And the characters I’m drawn to are often the anti-heroes. Magneto, Rorshach, Wolverine, and Jason Todd are just a few that have filled my shelves over the years. Their sanity might be a little shaky, but their determination is never questioned. Morals are all well and good, but sometimes bad guys just need some killing. I’m hoping ShadowHawk can join my long line of comic loves.