I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything here and for that, I am sorry. But  lately, my life has been more than crazy busy. Aside from my three websites, contributing here and another website, writing for a magazine and being the design and layout editor for another magazine, I have yet another new project (which has me filled with more SQUEE than should be legal) in the works. I think this new project may cause you to SQUEE as well… just maybe.

Some of you may or not be aware that I use to be the Assistant General Manager and Program Director for a radio station. Aside from those duties, I also had many radio shows. check this site for more information related to the computer science. One of those radio shows was named Geeky Pleasures. (Little Geeky Pleasures trivia, the website of the same name was created almost a year after Geeky Pleasures first aired, when my radio show suddenly became more popular than I ever thought it would be.) In a nutshell, the radio show was for 2 hours, once a week. I’d play a wide variety of music (mainstream and independent), including many geeky songs, plus there would be a topic of discussion each week. Also, there was live video and chat. Because of circumstances beyond my control, I had to step away from that radio station.

Well thanks to a very fortunate change in circumstances, it will be back, as well as my other shows! Earlier this week, I was hired, once again, as AGM and PD of  brand new radio station. I have been crazy busy doing a million different things to set up the new radio station. The station is not mine, but all decisions regarding it are run through me to sign-off on. So even so I don’t own it, it is partly my baby in many ways as how it will be shaped involves a lot of my input and ideas. I use to work with the owner of this new radio station when I was at the radio station that shall not be named. I was the one who hired him and trained him for that job, so when he asked if I wanted to come on board this new project, of course I had to say yes (for those reasons and more)!

The launch date has been set. And there is a whole bunch of other news that I hope you’re interested in, such as: when my shows will be on air, soon I’ll be searching for underlings staff (could that be you?) and a whole lot more. So, to find out  more about all of this awesometastic news plus help me choose at what times I’ll be on air, please click the clip below.

And again, I apologize for my absence here as of late and hopefully will be back here with some frequency in the near future. But as I have this HUGE FANTABULOUS project to work on at the moment. As a result,  I cannot make any promises of such until after the radio station launches.