Sorry for the delayed post this weekend; busy jackie is busy.

But so anyway.. here I am, about to go to some awesome shindig, and don’t know what to do with this mess of hair of mine… BUT.. i have this awesomely shiny red fabric.. so let’s make something –

Here, I shall grasp the beloved plastic cup, lay the fabric flat (shiny-side down), and trace some circles on the back of the fabric with a pen. Then cut these out. Important things to know: the fabric needs to be something synthetic that will melt, not burn (seriously). Additionally, I cut four circles, two larger ones, two smaller ones. Then, proceeded to cut four slits in each circle toward the center, but not all the way to the center:

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Here comes the fun part.. We’re going to take a votive candle, and literally burn the edges of each circles, down the seam of the slits, so that they wilt into a flower petal pattern. It’s important to NOT SET YOUR FABRIC ON FIRE. ..just hold it within close proximity of the flame, not IN the flame, and carefully wilt the edges:

Now, we’re going to stack those four petal rings on top of each other, and using a double-threaded needle, just sew these together in the center. I used black thread, so that it looks sort of like a shiny poppy. Then, very simply, just take a plain black bobby pin, and slide the top of the bobby pin underneath the thread on the bottom of the flower:

and VOILA!!

Now I’m ready to go to the par– …okay, you caught me. I’ll be sitting here writing html code all night.. but there’s no reason I can’t be cute in the process. And seriously.. my dog has already seen my happy octopus bow*

ENJOY! And as always.. if you have comments, questions, or requests about DIY Saturdays, leave a note! If you do one of these little crafts yourself, we absolutely want to see pictures!

♥ Jackie

*happy octopus bow made by JesickaHorror on Etsy