Season 5 at a glance.. 3 episodes left and shit is getting real.  Things are happening and if you haven’t kept up with the series then don’t read.  Full of *spoilers*!!

By far my favorite season of Dexter to date was season 4.  The pacing was on point.  The storyline was perfect and best of all you had John Lithgow (or Gogo for any DougLovesMovie fans).  The acting is always very on point but never so much as in that season.  It was a build up to so much that happened and once the final episode aired I was screaming in my living room.  Not only had they ended it with a surprise but it was unfinished.  Previously I have felt that Dexter would end its seasons with things tied up in a way that you wouldn’t be happy about it but could accept if there wasn’t another season.  Not until the end of the 4th season did they set up so much to be brought to what we have today.  And now it is all grounds for spoilers.  I have been vague and I really want to talk about what has been happening before this season ends and I have to scream all over again with whatever they leave us with.

Where we left off in season 4, Rita was found in a bath tub; dead.  She bled out from her femoral artery.  Trinity’s m.o.  What was so sinister about this is Dex actually kills Trinity and you never feel quite right about that.  He isn’t sad or upset but almost peaceful that he is going to die at the hands of Dex.  Only later do you find out why he is so peaceful.  He leaves a legacy of his imprinted on Dexter forever.  This causes his unraveling in the first two episodes.  You are starting to see Dexter as a person.  Someone who has feelings and is making mistakes.  Something he never does.  Up until this point we have only ever known him to be methodical and strategic.  Next thing you know he is beating random guys up in a bathroom and not really following ‘the code.’  Once Dex does feel like he can get on track though and picks a victim who he feels is deserving Dex ends up in more shit then he knows what to do with.

Boyd Fowler.  What a predicament this has caused throughout this entire season.  This should have been a simple kill.  Not only does it backfire but Boyd fights back.  It’s all ok though.  Dex moves the room and thinks things are getting better once he gets him on the table.  A little swipe on the cheek and a knife to the heart.  The slow exhale that should make his life come back into place is only for a mere second until he realizes killing in Boyd’s house is a total mistake because he is not alone.  Introduce Lumen.  She is one of Boyd’s potential victims.  He must have had her stashed away before she was going to be stuffed in a barrel and preserved for him to come visit.

Lumen was trouble from the start.  He can’t kill her because ultimately this would be the person Dexter is saving by killing men like these.  BUT! If she stays alive then there is potential that everyone knows of what Dexter is.  The massive dilemma starts now.  Eventually though she becomes strong enough to live on her own and she trusts Dexter, even though she did see him not so savagely kill her capture.  It was very apparent to her that he has done this before and you would think, well if I was in her position then why wouldn’t he kill me too?  Some time passes and they become friends.  Well not friends, yet.  She is a bit of a nuisance to him though.  She is obsessive about wanting to find her captures.  DING! DING! There was more then one.

So does he choose to help her by tracking down said captures or try and convince her to get back to her life. To the finance she left and her family who has no idea where she’s gone?  Well, he does try but she persists and ends up staying in Miami.  Her trauma has caused her so much pain and not being able to talk to anyone about what happened to her without giving up his involvement causes a problem.  Now I want to take a second here because this is when the situation takes a turn for the familiar.  We saw in previous seasons when Dexter tries to bring people into his world.  He, like us all, tries to connect by letting them in on the secret.  It has 100% of the time backfired and he ends up having to kill the monster he unleashes in others.  My thought is will this happen with her too?  She is not like his previous proteges I will say though.  She matches him in one respect, also where Trinity kind of mirrored him, they were all born in blood, so to speak.

Her traumatic experience, causing a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder feel, is what really brings him to understand that she isn’t so different from him.  The two of them are trying to fill the deep hole they have inside.  By bringing justice to these men Lumen feels she can sleep at night and maybe he can use this to get back to who he always was, a monster.

The next victim ‘they’ target happens to be Jordan Chase’s head of security, Cole Harmon.  Chase is a motivational speaker that Boyd listened to constantly.  He preaches about taking what you want out of life.  He also later comes to tell Dexter that his teachings come from Plato’s philosophy of all of us having fractured selves and constantly are looking to complete that and become whole again.  Cole eventually finds out Lumen is missing and tries to move the barrel girls and ends up messing the whole thing up for everyone.  The police are on to all of them now because Cole fled the scene and claimed his truck was stolen.  Somehow it all gets pinned on Boyd and Cole becomes Lumen and Dexter’s target.  This is all under the noses of those pesky detectives, aside from Doakes 2.0 aka Quinn, and Jordan Chase presumably.

The night comes to kill Cole and things go wrong.  This whole season seems to be about things going wrong actually.  Somehow the next day Chase calls Dexter up on stage to talk about his recent tragedy of his wife being murdered and Cole sees Lumen leaving the hotel.  There’s a chase and back to the ‘kill room.’  Next thing you know Cole is being checked out of the hotel as Dexter’s baggage.  All the while not realizing Chase is one of the other guys Lumen was tortured by in Boyd’s attic.  This is where things start to take a turn for the more intense because you not only know Dexter is human and makes mistakes but we learn he has real feelings.  You kind of see it in the beginning of the season with Harrison but this last episode, number 9, really goes to show that maybe he can’t be the heartless serial killer he was once upon a time.

In the meantime, in the rest of the world of this show Debra is dating Quinn, messy, and Batista and LaGuerta’s marriage is hot and cold as she uses him as a pawn throughout to keep her career intact.  Really all that matters with this is that Quinn is improved on the Doakes model because he chooses Deb over the intriguing pictures of bags disappearing on a midnight boat ride between Lumen and Dexter.  I call this a good call, although it doesn’t mean that Liddy (the guy Quinn hired to follow Dexter around) is actually going to let this go and not keep digging to get his career back.  By the situational powers that be the barrel girls’ case once closed was reopened due to new evidence, as being DNA of multiple perps, was discovered.

When you bring kids into the mix the waters get cloudy because now Dexter is acting like a parent.  He’s still demented as we see once he beats up a guy in order to prove a point of good parenting, but he let’s his fear of Astor getting kidnapped by on of Chase’s goons cloud his judgement and not only have people find out Lumen is there but also that he has been spending time with her.  After all the running around and unraveling of secrets that was so closer guarded at first there is a great scene between Harry and Dexter in the car.  He is ready to dismiss whatever his father has to say until he realizes that Harry is proud of him for acting as any parent would.  He put his life on the line for her and didn’t think of anything except her safety; a completely new action we haven’t ever seen from Dexter.  Could he be evolving?

Only problem is now he is dealing with a psychopath with resources and power.  Once again he is not thinking as we have known for him to be, methodical and sensible.  Dexter is stupid to try and outwit Jordan Chase during one of their private sessions, which were only intended to be used to get more information on him and prove that he is worthy of the code to be put on his table.  Only problem is Jordan Chase is not a dumb guy and openly admits his obsession with Trinity to Dexter early on.  He finds out soon enough what is going on and it leads us to the ending scene you see his madness when Lumen answers the phone to hear him utter the words, “Tick tick tick, that’s the sound of his life running out.  Can you be sure to tell him that?  Take care Lumen.”

What do we have in store for us?  Dexter’s demise?  His unraveling as a killer and metamorphosis into a more whole human being?  All I know is that the next three episodes must be jam packed because there are plenty of loose ends to tie up and if last season’s ending is any indicator of how this may go, we may be looking at another cliff hanger to keep us hooked and find out what will become of our murderous crusader as he handles what he is becoming; human.