Hey, fellow nerds! I promised you all a huge photo post on NYCC. Since I have over 200 photos that I had to dwindle down to the best of the best, I decided to break it up into 3 parts. This is Day 1.

This was actually a closet with the exterior design of the TARDIS. Not quite the real thing but a close second.

I ran into this girl at the Midtown Comics table. She saw me looking at the Serenity graphic novel and figured it was safe to assume I would recognize her costume. Good guess.

The Onion panel gave us the fake news of the future. It was a lot like the current news, but with more tech and giant bugs.

The James Martsters panel was the highlight of Day 1, for me. He did a Q&A and answered a lot of really good questions. He was super nice to everyone and totally fit in with the rest of us nerds.

Day 1 was a great start to what proved to be a fantastical weekend. Stay tuned for Day 2 in photos, coming soon to a computer near you.