Just a reminder that the lovely ladies of GeekGirlCon are still holding silent auctions via Twitter.  All items being auctioned off are donated by vendors/merchants, geeky crafters, GeekGirlCon organizers and anyone else who wants to make sure this event happens. All winning bids will go straight to GeekGirlCon. No bids are ever too small!

Currently this super awesome leopard purse/tote is on sale through ‘s etsy store.  I know I know we spend a lot of money and suggest a lot of stuff on this site but this is for another great Nerdy/Geek girl cause 🙂 Also, everything in ‘s etsy store goes 100% to GeekGirlCon.

New auction items go up around Thursday or Friday.  I will continue to post them as they come out!

Search #GGCAuctions for more details