During a completely tedious and infuriating day at work, my entertainment comes from checking on my Twitter account during breaks.

How stoked was I to see that Storm of the comedy music duo Paul and Storm was engaging their Twitter followers in a short interactive that was reminiscent of Zork. It kept me laughing the entire day and I figured I would share the game with you before it’s lost in the annals of Twitter.

[S] You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door and a sign that says “Retweet”.

.@just_mike >take sign / The sign is affixed to the house by very large bolts, and can not be moved.
.@zxo >inv / You have: one portable computer device, a sequined glove, and a parrot.
.@jawboneradio >use portable computer device / You take the device in hand. Its display reads: http://bit.ly/czZzn1
.@tanuki_green > Put on glove / You are now wearing the sequined glove. You hear music.
.@Spam286 >Moonwalk west. / You moonwalk west. You are standing in a field. There is a sequined computer terminal and a cannon
.@smokehalo >say “hello parrot” / The parrot says “hello parrot”

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