The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have come and gone for 2010. For the first time in my life, I was actually near actual stores on the day after Thanksgiving, so I could take part in the event. Usually I’m at my parents’ house, which is two hours away from any stores, but this year we celebrated the holiday at my house; nearer civilization. And what did I learn from my first Black Friday? I realized that I’m an online shopper.

On Thanksgiving day, long before the over-eager shoppers were waiting out in the cold for their first shot at deals, Amazon was already putting up their sales. I snagged a number of DVDs from my wishlist for a fraction of the cost and didn’t have to move from my chair. When I attempted to acquire deals at actual stores the next day, I was totally out of luck. Black Friday was a bust.

However, you can combine your online shopping with store sales, since many retailers mirror their Black Friday deals through their online stores. Why wait out in the dark at midnight when you can simply click your mouse at the stroke of twelve? I know that’s what I’ll be doing next year!

So how about you? Do you love the thrill of the deal hunt and absolutely must be waiting at the store overnight? Or do you prefer to do your shopping online from the comfort of your home?