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Time for my weekly cross-post with! Today I have to start this article on a somewhat depressing note (at least for me).  Today, via MTV Geek, I found out that Justi Bieber’s comic has sold out and the graphic novel will be coming out in March.  Now, I am aware of the fact that these Fame comic books have been wildly successful and this alone might not have depressed me if I hadn’t seen the news release on CBR this morning informing me that the top-selling comic book title from November failed sell at least 100,000 copies.  Should I be happy that at least comic books are selling? Even if they are about Justin Bieber and not Batman? I just don’t know.

In happier news, CBR gave us an exclusive first interview with Robert Kirkman about his newly announced upcoming series with Jason Howard entitled, Super Dinosaur.  The first issue is due out in April 2011 in addition to an origin story on Free Comic Book day in May 2011.  Super Dinosaur will be an all-ages title that tells the story of a young boy, Derek Dynamo, and his best friend, “a genetically altered Tyrannosaurus Rex that comes from a hidden world called Inner-Earth that exists beneath our planet’s surface.”  Kirkman has given us a lot of reasons to expect great things from him, particularly since he is the man that gave us both The Walking DeadInvincible.  I am not a dinosaur fangirl personally but I have tons of friends who are and I do think this story sounds awesome.  Additionally, as I’ve made clear in comic reviews I have written for Geeky Pleasures, I am always excited for more comics that appeal to younger children (Justin Bieber book aside).

Back to depressing news, Diamond Distributors announced today that they will be closing their Los Angeles Warehouse in March.  They are consolidating a lot of their branches into the massive Olive Branch center in Mississippi and, a tiny bit of good news, they will be taking some of the Los Angeles employees with them (and hopefully helping others move to the location in Mississippi).  It really sucks that this announcement has to come at the end of the year and our thoughts and well wishes are definitely being sent to all of the employees that will be affected by this closure/move.

Let us end this news segment on a cool/happy note! Bleeding Cool announced today that Valerie D’Orazio will be writing the MTV Geek Blog.  D’Orazio made a huge splash in the comic book back in 2006 when she published her memoir, “Goodbye to Comics,” about her experience with sexism in the DC comic book publishing world.  Unfortunately the blog post is nowhere to be found online right now (it’s possible I’m just slowly losing it but if you have a link, please share) but I did find a nice homage to D’Orazio’s post (from 2007) at Women Read Comics.  This news though makes me super excited for MTV Geek and for D’Orazio.  This might not seem like the most exciting comic book news to most but, speaking as a female comic book fanatic, I think we need more women like Valerie D’Orazio talking about their experiences with sexism in all male-dominated fields.  It is why I am so excited by the shear number of geek and nerdy girl blogs out there that embrace and celebrate female unity in nerddom/geekdom.  Women do love gaming and comics as much as men and we deserve to be treated with the same level of respect in these fields as men.  The only way to make that happen is for both women and men to acknowledge the mistakes of the past and move towards making a more unified geek world where it’s about what you love, not what gender/sex/race/whathaveyou you are.

Okay, stepping off soapbox……now

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