The lovely and wonderful Erica McGillivray is turning 27 this year (just like me!) and she only has one birthday wish: make GeekGirlCon happen!  I’m not going to describe the convention again as many of you have heard the same speech from me many times before AND those of you who are super ambitious can search through our archives for previous articles (there is even a drop down selection for GeekGirlCon!).

You can read her full letter/plea for birthday gifts on her blog, but Erica is asking for a simple birthday gift.  Instead of gifts or dinner or any of those things, she just wants her friends to donate a couple of dollars to GeekGirlCon.  Her goal is to raise $500 before her birthday on Dec 13th. In the meantime, Erica is posting a new story about herself and her life as a geek every day on her blog.  They’re fun and run the gamut from her desire to marry Geordi LaForge as a child to her decision to be a vegetarian later on in life.

Of course, most of us don’t know her in person and probably wouldn’t be taking her out for dinner or drinks but that isn’t really the point of this fundraiser.  I don’t know about you guys and gals but I have made a lot of awesome friends lately through the geek and nerd community online.  I’ve even bought holiday and birthday gifts for people I haven’t even met in real life (yes, I acknowledge this means I could be buying gifts for creepy pervs in their basements but I don’t really think that applies to these people ;-)).  Erica even writes about this on Day 8 of her Birthday Bash series of posts.  Point is, I’ve met some truly awesome people online and if I lived in their part of the country/world I would love to go out with them for their birthday.  Erica is definitely one of those people (actually, I would LOVE to take the entire GeekGirlCon group out for drinks but sadly I’m not in Seattle…and I’m poor).

I can’t wait until GeekGirlCon happens and I can finally meet up with all these wonderful people.  However, you know, (and here is my shameless plea) we need a tiiiny bit of money from everyone in order to make it happen.  100% of the money that is getting donated will go to helping make the convention happen and everyone helping out with the convention is a volunteer so, truly, none of us are profiting from these fundraisers in a financial manner.  Hell, if you love Nerds in Babeland and want to get us an awesome Christmas/Hanukkah present? Donate some dollars or even cents in our name to Erica’s Birthday fundraiser and you can kill two birds with one stone!

So, please donate to GeekGirlCon for Erica’s Birthday!