This past week has been a non-stop ride of fan fun and it’s all thanks to Christian Kane. I was able to spend two glorious days seeing both him and the entire band of Kane during events they played in North Carolina. Let me tell you, I’ve been a happy fangirl.

I have been a fan of Kane for a long, long time. Yes, I’m proud to call myself a Kaniac. I even reviewed Christian Kane’s musical career for Fandomania during my Fan Music series this past summer.  So, needless to say, I like the man as a singer just as much as an actor. And when I saw him at Con-Con (the official Leverage con) in March of this year, I reiterated the fact that he needed to bring the band to North Carolina when he tours. Signs did not point to that ever happening, so I was resolved to the fact that I may only get to see Kane live when I travel to Portland. Oh, but things can change very quickly and if you keep your ear to the ground you can participate in the most wondrous things!

The way I found out that Kane was playing at the Saturday Winterfest in Raleigh, which is literally right down the road from me, was a happy accident while reading friends-of-friends entries on Livejournal one night because I had some extra time on my hands. This is the power of social media. It was definitely meant to be, since that’s how I learned that the band was swinging through Raleigh for the event, as well as playing other venues during the week!

The entire day spent with my fellow Kaniacs at Winterfest was magical. I got to hang out with some wonderful ladies and make some new friends in the process. Also, proving that Kaniacs are hard-core, we braved unseasonably cold temperatures, snowfall, freezing rain, sleet, and hail while standing outside for two, three, four hours in length just to see Kane play a short performance. Fans drove in from many states just to see them live. We’re fans, it’s what we do. And we were rewarded for our efforts by a great performance by a great band.

And so began the first leg of my two-part Kane experience, since just two days later I’d find myself traveling two hours down to Charlotte so that I could celebrate Christian Kane’s CD release of “The House Rules” with not only my fellow Kaniacs again, but also the band itself. Plus, we got the CD in our hot little hands at the gig, so it was a win-win for all involved. While seemingly warmer than the Saturday performance, the cellar location for the acoustic performance was still a bit chilled. But the band warmed us up with lively songs and great conversation. And we got a warmer meet-and-greet with Kane.

So, if you’re a Kaniac, be sure to call your radio stations to get them to play “The House Rules.” I’ve been doing it! And if you’re not yet a Kaniac, check out Christian Kane’s CD. There are songs on there bound to fill a variety of moods, so there’s always something worth listening to. And be sure to catch Christian Kane in his role of Eliot Spencer on the hit show Leverage when it returns this Sunday on TNT.