Image Credit: Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD)

In my job, I handle very many aspects of coding; from HTML to CSS to PHP. I was once asked by a coworker why I enjoy coding so much and I explained that in many aspects it relaxes me. I’ve told friends the same thing and they often look at me perplexed. But it’s still very much true.

I didn’t get fully online until I went to college. In my local community, we were so limited in resources that we fell far behind in computer technology. However, in college I was exposed to the world wide web. And almost instantly I wanted to learn how everyone made those cool websites. So, in what made perfect sense to me, I looked at the source code and did hands-on learning to see what each piece of code meant and could do. All the books in the world written on the subject cannot compare, for me, to actually diving in and doing it myself. I learned HTML that way, as well as XML and CSS, and lately PHP. I fail at first, growing frustrated when the code doesn’t react the way I want it to, but eventually I can unlock its secrets and the world opens up in glorious technicolor. That is why I do it.

I feel like you can understand coding better when you do it by hand. The number of helper programs around are abundant, but they do not allow for a deeper understanding of what you’re actually doing when you build. There is a bigger accomplishment when you’ve built an entire site with your own two hands. And by doing so, you understand how things work and can manipulate the different aspects to suit your needs. It’s a zone of happiness that I get into, and indeed relaxation, too.

Hey, some people have yoga.