So I know you guys probably didn’t have this on your lists, but I am, as I have declared before here on Nerds in Babeland, a Beatlemaniac. So naturally, I have the entire collection on mp3. And in the spirit of giving, I have decided to share them with you.

Every year that they were together, the fab four (yes, I call them that all the time for real) would record a short Christmas greeting to send out to the official Beatle fan club. From a nerd standpoint this is an amazing condensed way to walk through the career of the Beatles; in the beginning they seem perky and happy and succinct; towards the middle they seem, you know, stoned, and in the end they’re not even in the same room as each other. I guess that about says it all, and in some ways it makes me sad, but there is, to me, little more satisfying than John Lennon (and the others…who were they again?) wishing me a merry Christmas.

From Them to You:

1963 // 1964 // 1965 // 1966 // 1967 // 1968 // 1969

1965 outtake #1 // 1965 outtake #2

(alternatively, grab the .zip or browse the whole folder)

Take them. Listen to them. Feel Christmas joy. Maybe some Christmas nostalgia and Christmas sadness. But mostly Christmas joy. Especially when you listen to the 1965 Christmas record outtake #1, in which you can tell, they tried very hard to record a Christmas record, three times, and the first two times they realized after several minutes that in fact these records had nothing to do with Christmas. ’65 outtake 1 features perhaps the greatest moment ever in recorded Beatles history (in my opinion)–a lengthy improvised skit on eating babies. Because I know when I heard a sound clip of babies crying and I have to improvise some dialogue, my brain automatically jumps to “baby eating.”

(Actually it does.)

Happy Christmas from John, Paul, George, Ringo, and Nerds in Babeland.