Being a music nerd, and a video game nerd, I like to have random music from video games as my ringtones on my phone.

My current ringtone for my text messages is ‘Dance of Pales’ from ‘Castlevania:Symphony of the Night’.

My current ringtone for a telephone call is ‘Sacred Moon’ from ‘Kingdom Hearts 2’.

Other current video game related ringtones I have/had are:

‘Saria’s Song’ from ‘Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time’
‘Lonely Rolling Star’ from ‘Katamari Damacy’
‘Super Mario Bros.’ main theme from ‘Super Mario Bros.

I also had TV shows in my ringtone options.

‘LOST’ opening theme (yeah, because there’s a lot to that one)
‘Quantum Leap’ opening theme
‘X-Files’ opening theme

My husband’s ringtone? Kefka’s Theme from ‘Final Fantasy III/VI’. Not because he’s trying to take over everything, he just really likes that particular theme. I suppose I could change it to ‘One Winged Angel’ at some point. I kid, I kid.

What are some of your nerdy ringtones? 😀