My name is Lisa and I am a web cartoonist.

Good grief, I sound like I’m writing to a self help group or auditioning for the part of Charlie Brown in a retconned Peanuts comic strip. Sometimes, I feel that I am in a way.

I’ve read comic book titles such as X-Men and Spider Man from childhood. When I discovered that people published comic strips on the internet, it felt like a whole new door was opened in my college experience. I still revisit the first webcomic I read, from time to time even as I devour the Twisted Kaiju Theaters and Something Positives of the web world.

I’ve helped write comic strips for other artists, but in October of 2009, I decided it was time to stop reading and start doing. My first venture took the form of a fumetti, or photo comic I called Project Poppet. The premise is a group of small knitted dolls causing mischief within my human sized one bedroom apartment. Along the way, they meet two toy frankenbunnies I made. I made my poppets of leftover yarn from various knitting projects. The comic contains one strip gags as well as longer story arcs. This past August, I opt to take my doodles of chibi figures, often portraits of my player characters in tabletop games I played to the level of a second comic I called Goober Glade. This takes place in a magical kingdom where an adventuring party bumbles about to save a princess. This comic participated in the 24 Hour Comics Day event.

When contributing to this blog, I want to do more than engage in shameless self promotion. I do that at various sci-fi, anime and other conventions. What I would like to do is show a bit of the creative process. Maybe you want to start your own comic? I’d like to inform, but if you get a laugh out of the writings, that’s good too.  I would like to review comics as well. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Until then, I will leave you with one of my favorite early photos from my comic, Project Poppet.

Existential Booda