Warning: These reviews are moderately if not completely profane.

This past year has had it’s ups and downs and I have found that there have been many podcasts that I needed to get through a lot of the hard times. These mini reviews (which will be sporadic in coming up because my computer is dead and my internet access is limited) are my way of thanking five that have brought laughter into my life.

So thank you.

#2 Comedy Death Ray:
Comedy Death Ray is sublime and has made it’s move to Earwolf Studios, a budding new podcast hub that will kick SMODcastle in the nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll listen to the Kevin Smith stuff occasionally, but it’s not something I listen to regularly. Comedy Death Ray however is something that I listen to weekly.

Scott Aukerman hosts this weekly radio program with a guest co-host. Through the hour characters take advantage of the Earwolf “open door” policy by coming in and hopping on the radio. From El Chupacabra to Little Gary, you would be amazed at the comedic starpower that hops in. Many comedians come in as characters they have created or overexaggerations of celebrities (such as Paul F Tompkins as Ice T – In one episode he tells someone to eat a bowl of dicks. I don’t remember which one, so listen to them all.) Seth Morris as “Bob Ducca” makes me laugh so freaking hard. Especially when he lists all of his ailments. I know that Parallel Parkinson’s Disease isn’t funny, but… but… it is. Also, I want to lick Nick Kroll. That has everything and nothing to do with Comedy Death Ray, but I just figured I’d make that known to the internets.

Scott also plays games with the guests like “Would You Rather” or “Fortunately/Unfortunately” where the guests imaginations are taken to beyond their limits. There is a request for would you rather scenarios on TWitter and then Scott takes over from there. The guests are welcome to ask questions to help them choose the correct answer. If you are going to go straight to one of those games, might I suggest Episode #63 with Jon Hamm, Rich Sommer, and David Koechner as Jon Hamm mentions Bat for Lashes and I’m completely on board with that.

Comedy Death Ray is also where I found and fell in love with Steel Panther. Steel Panther is a current group of musicians that are bringing back the glam hairband rock. Of course, you should not listen to them if there are children in the room. You should also not listen to them if you are ovulating because you WILL get pregnant.

Subscribing to Comedy Death Ray will be your smartest move for 2011… AND IT’S FREE!!!!!

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