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I’m back with another review on the latest issue of ‘Fraggle Rock’. This time, we’ve got three new stories. From the press release by Archaia:

The Fraggles have solved many mysteries throughout Fraggle Rock, but in this new issue of Archaia’s acclaimed FRAGGLE ROCK series, they attempt to solve the greatest of them all! Joe LeFavi and Heidi Arnhold (LEGENDS OF THE DARK CRYSTAL) explore what it truly means to live when Gobo undertakes a quest to determine “The Meaning of Life.” But what will he have to sacrifice along the way? After that, Mokey struggles to find “The Perfect Words” in a thoughtful story from Tim Beedle (MUPPET ROBIN HOOD) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Ross Campbell (SHADOWEYES, WET MOON). Finally, Boober’s seeing monsters in “The Fraggle Who Cried Monster,” a hilariously warped tale from the minds of Jason M. Burns (A DUMMY’S GUIDE TO DANGER) and Chandra Free (THE GOD MACHINE).

Let’s jump in, shall we?

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The first story is entitled “The Meaning of Life” and the story is done by Joe LeFavi and the artwork by Heidi Arnhold. The story begins with Gobo talking to the storyteller, saying that his Uncle Matt once went on a quest that he could not complete. He heads back to the other Fraggles to tell them about it and says that he’s going to try and complete it himself. They ask him what the quest was and Gobo tells them he’s going off to find the Meaning of Life. They all begin to laugh at him, but when Gobo tells them how serious he is, they decide to go with him. Well, all but Boober. But Boober finally relents when Red tells him “But when we return with permanent stains all over our clothes, can you live with the guilt (of not joining us)?” And then Boober sighs and states he’ll go and get his things.

I really liked this vignette. There is a lot of heart to the story. One of my favorite panels is when they’re in the the Crystal Cavern and they don’t want to disturb the Rock Clingers. If they do, and they make eye contact with them, they will fall in love with them forever. The Rock Clingers are the most adorable, cutest creatures I have ever seen. There is one panel where one of them is stretching, waking up. Adorable. Of course, since they are waking up, you know what that means. Someone looks into their eyes! I won’t spoil who, but the Fraggles go and rescue them. The story continues on after that.

Another awesome part of this vignette was they showed one of Uncle Matt’s postcards. That postcard segment was really well done. In case you’ve forgotten from the show, Uncle Matt is in the “real” world – aka where we live – and goes exploring. He sends Gobo postcards of his adventures, inspiring Gobo to go on his own adventures.

I can’t stress enough how great this segment is. I would suggest picking up the comic for this story alone, but there are two more stories which I’ll talk about. The next story is called “The Fraggle Who Cried Monster” and is written by Jason M. Burns and the artwork is done by Chandra Free. The story begins with Gobo finishing off a scary story around a campfire. The Fraggles then all go to bed, but Boober begs for another story. Boober, it turns out, was scared by the last story and would like to hear another one with a happy ending. Gobo tells him that monsters aren’t real and to go and lie down. Boober enters his room and sees one of the monsters from the story and goes running back to Gobo’s room. Gobo repeats that monsters are not real and to go back to bed.

This story was actually quite fun. There are many different types of monsters. I won’t tell you what they look like so you can see for yourself. They’re not scary, I promise. If possible, they’re “cute” monsters. This is Fraggle Rock, of course. Not ‘The Ring’ or something like that.

The last story is called “The Perfect Words” and is written by Tim Beedle, with art by Ross Campbell and colors by Lizzy John. This  story focuses on Mokey and her wanting to pen the perfect poem about her friends. As a writer, I can feel her dilemma. She wants it to be just perfect but she’s not sure how to begin. A line that stuck out to me – “It’s okay. Getting started is always the hardest part. Once I figure out the beginning, the rest will flow like water.” It is so true!

Again, this story has a lot of heart to it. I won’t give away the ending, but just know that it is very touching and sweet. Mokey does an excellent job with her words. However, to get there, she secludes herself off from having fun with her friends.

I love this comic. All the different art styles make for a fantastic visual. It’s nice to see such fantastic stories about these lovable Fraggles. For your enjoyment, there’s a preview of each of the stories at the end of this article. Now if only we could convince someone to turn these stories into a television show. No, wait. They are perfect the way they are. I hope you give the second issue a chance.