I saw the Wookie the Chew post that Prof. Jenn posted and figured that I could help you all out a little bit.

The artist that created that loveable tribute to Lucas and Milne is a man by the name of James Hence.
Best of all? That’s not the only awesomeness he has to offer. Check out his site. http://jameshance.com/index.html
James blends pop art/pop culture with an impressive talent that spans the artistic gamut. He not only does honor to the icons of our generation(s), he pulls inspiration from classic artists. The titles are worth the visit alone. “The Dark Starry Knight” and “MEEP (Muppet Propaganda)” are hysterical, not to mention his catalog shoots with stormtroopers.
Be still, my nerd chick heart.
Alright, so this is a mini hugfest review, but I want everything for sale on his site.
OH YEAH! I forgot to mention that “Wookie the Chew” is a 24 page children’s book.