Official press release:

In a series described as “Dark Knight meets Mad Men” Moon Girl (Clare Lune) is a former Russian princess who championed counter-culture and social revolution in the 1940’s. Now, in 1950’s New York, she looks to settle into a quieter life only to find her adventures have inspired a new generation of fanatics who enforce their own brand of justice and social upheaval.

Written by Tony Trov and Johnny Zito and art by Rahzzah, Moon Girl is a re-imagining of the story originally created in the 1940’s by Gardner Fox for E.C. Comics. It is an exciting and beautifully painted collision of social revolt, family disfunction, zombies, comic noir style and beautiful, powerful women in 1950’s New York. Intrigued yet?

Issue #1 introduces Moon Girl both as the tormented princess trying to throw away her crown and royal duties and her alter ego, Clare Lune. In her attempt to escape her past Moon Girl has been thrown into the center of a violent social revolution that her psychotic mentor, Satana is convinced will be Moon Girl’s moment to shine. Satana tears into Moon Girl’s new life with a purpose and that is to push the hesitant hero into a position of power. At the same time a brutal villain who calls herself Sugar Plum Fairy is building a zombie army and hoping to use Moon Girl’s powers for her own vicious gains.

Although I found Issue #1 to be a tad complex in story, the interactions between characters scattered and somewhat kitschy, the story didn’t fail to capture my curiosity. The artwork is a whole other level of amazing, colorful and dreary all at the same time. Gorgeous textures in a painted style help to give every panel a very retro, yet unusual, mood and I found the art was what kept me reading.

Issue #2 does a fantastic job of quickly pulling the back story together and builds it up with high tension and more brutality. This story compiles some of the best elements of sci-fi, horror and classic super hero action in a beautifully drawn and colored package. I was very impressed with the creativity in the style of these books and I am excited to see more from this series.

Red 5 Comics is an independent publisher, so the only way to get your own copy of Moon Girl is to pre-order form your local comic shop during the month of February using Diamond order code FEB111132. Issue #2 of Moon Girl will be available in May by pre-order as well.