Cartoon Credit: Phil Johnson and IT Underworld

The iPhone has come to Verizon! Rejoice! Celebrate! Line up for hours in advance! Wait, what? Where are the crowds? Well, it seems like there weren’t any. Reports have shown that the iPhone’s availability on the Verizon network didn’t illicit the same screaming crowds as other Apple releases have. Perhaps this is because current Verizon customers already pre-ordered? Or maybe people just weren’t too jazzed up over the release. I can’t believe that, but it’s possible.

For myself, I have not bought into the iPhone family. In fact, I haven’t bought into any smart phone line. The one thing that prevented me for even considering the iPhone was its reliance on the AT&T network. Aside from the fact that many users have complained about dropped calls and bad service, I would get no service at all in my area. So, last time I was looking at cellphones, I couldn’t put the iPhone on the list. Instead, as the next best thing, I take my iTouch everywhere. All the features of an iPhone except the phone! Which, considering the non-functionality of that feature on the actual iPhone, the two aren’t so different after all. Now, with the AT&T roadblock out the way, I find myself wondering if I’ll make the switch to Verizon. Well, first I want to get some user feedback. If it’s actually going to have the same problems or potentially be worse than its previous incarnation, then I’ll just say no thanks.

So how about yourself? Have you bought into the iPhone family? Were you waiting for it to cut ties with the faulty AT&T? Or are you not interested even now? I have an iTouch, so I have apps, and I have a separate phone that actually makes calls and texts, unlike some smartphones, so I’m in no hurry to join the iPhone crowd. Ask me again in a few months, though. You never know what Apple might come up with next.