Its hard to think that a 62 year old man can capture a crowd from on a stage to an almost sold out arena. The presence is still monstrous and even sitting off to the side and semi far from the stage the energy still will fill you to go crazier then you ever have before. This man I speak of is the one and only prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne. After a short movie, which was hilarious and can be seen here_> Ozzy Intro, the band gets into place and this man clad all in black with a sparkling cross on the front steps across the stage to take his place in front of the microphone. He opens his mouth and the arena erupts in noise. The energy is not only filled with love for the music but a love from the band to the auditing crowd.

There were a few songs played from his new album, Scream, and then some older songs we all know and can’t help but headbang to. Every once in a while Ozzy would turn from the crowd and dunk his head in water flipping his long hair back wetting the first row of people. As the energy of the show increased so did the amount of water being thrown off the stage until the point came that a huge hose was hoisted in Ozzy’s arms and water burst onto the crowd. The metaphorical build up culminated to this burst multiple times as the intensity would rise from certain songs and Ozzy felt the need to release himself on his herd of dark followers. Quite a spectacle from the seats up the side of the arena, where my iPhone was safe and able to capture some of the destruction.

Not only was there waterworks but also a plethora of pyrotechnics. At certain points when the bass drum hit a loud band and fireworks erupted from the stage in all directions. There was even an amazing display where these shards of light and fire of white and red were falling onto Ozzy like his emergence from the other side. You almost could image him levitating from a coffin with his arms crossed and sharp canines poking from his closed mouth and his eyes opening slowing to pierce your soul.

Not only was there an emergence from the prince himself but also from different members of his band. One in particular that would catch anyone’s eye was when the drums took off in an amazing solo intermission. I say take off because literally as the drummer was building steam and settling into a violent drumroll with the double bass drum the small stage where his kit sat began to lift toward the sky. All you see is lights and smoke from below pushing this amazing performance upward as he hits climax and stand with one arm toward the sky demanding praise from the crowd, which did ensue the more he would play and stop and play and stop.

Not only did I get the opportunity to watch this amazing performance but the opening band was impressive as well. After putting out a self titled album, featuring everyone from Fergie to Ozzy himself, Slash has been touring with Ozzy and opening for him with a band put together and featuring one of his singing contributors on his album to sing for the tour. It was a treat to see Slash shred on guitar his new and old songs but it was an even bigger surprise to find out the singer was the one and only Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge. All I can say is I was almost a catastrophe from leaning forward to see and hear more from him.

This night was a blast from the past and made my veins course with adrenaline and a need that could only be filled by the prince of darkness himself. Ozzy may not be the young man he once was when he started Black Sabbath but he still demands a certain presence onstage that will make even the casual listener bow to his will. Don’t let the age fool you because he is still as crazy as ever.

If you get the chance to check out Ozzy’s new album, Scream, it is definitely interesting and a fun listen.