Here at NiB, we’re sometimes granted the pleasure of being able to review upcoming publications just so we can tell you if they’re awesome or not. This is particularly fun when they include giant cyber-gorilla monsters, mad scientists, and chick spies.

The Intrepids is a new comic series from Image Comics, premiering in March.  The 24-page first issue takes you through the story of a young, orphan girl taken in by a philanthropic scientist, Dante, and turned into a Bond-like spy sent to foil the plots of a nefarious villain.  The Intrepids team also consists of a kind-hearted, wall of a man with brute strength, a smartass geek with all kinds of fun gadgets, and seemingly fearless femme fatale sporting a jetpack.  This introduction to the quartet is hard-hitting, seamlessly integrating action scenes with the backstory that led there. You’ll get an glimpse into Dante’s past, and what inspired him to take in this pack of orphans, and make them into the team of do-gooders. It also leaves you curious as to what’s coming next.

A great set up to a potentially magnificent story. Personally, I hope to see plenty of character development with this quartet, as it already seems that Kurtis J. Wiebe has a solid plan in place for them.

Take a glimpse at a preview for the comic, and keep an eye out in stores for this coming in early March.