Hello, all! Long time, no talk! There are many reasons for that. The number one reason, getting The Force 925 off the ground and running in good order has been taking a lot of work and most of my spare time. I’ve been wanting to post something here for quite some time, but by the time I’m done with all of my other media work, I just want to crumble into a heap and fall asleep for ages.

But that is not all. There has been something else going on over the last 66+ hours that has taken up all of my time. I feel it important to inform as many people as possible. In the last 66+ hours, my Geeky Pleasures website and my Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery have been hacked approximately 17 times. Interestingly enough, who’s ever doing it has left my personal blog alone and is just attacking what I would consider my important sites.


To give you an idea of these attacks, click the clip on the left. I’m not the only one who has been attacked in the last few days. No sooner do I do every thing to clean my sites, change my passwords and reinstall WordPress, they’ve hacked me again.

My fantabulous host has spent the last couple of days doing his best to track these hacks. Last night, it appeared as if I would have to completely delete Geeky Pleasures and my Lupus Awareness site and rebuild them from scratch.

However, as of 10 am PST, I am now 12 hours hack free. Up until that point, we would fix their damage, only for the hackers to play their games again within 3 hours.

This hack is a nasty one. The final steps we took was double passwording everything and ensuring that all index.php files were read only and not the default 0644 permission, plus some crazy ninja linux script which is acting as a redirect if certain things happen to come through my error logs and a bunch of other security featured have been installed.

We know for a fact that it wasn’t a server vulnerability or a backdoor in the WordPress UI or plugins. The really craptastic thing about this hack is that it doesn’t show up in the logs. During 3 attacks, my host was directly monitoring my php files to watch rewrites as they were occurring. At no time, did the affected files show up in the event logs, just the logs of me fixing the hacks. Needless to say, these guys are good.

All this being said, if you try to visit any of my sites over the next little while and you find them missing, it is because we did not succeed after all and plan “worse case scenario” had to take affect; meaning, rebuild sites from scratch. If this occurs, my websites will be down for at least 3 days, as I rebuild to 1500 posts. But there will be a handy dandy landing page with links to all of my interviews to keep you occupied over that period.

Hopefully, if you have your own website, you do not get hit with this latest assault on the cyber world.

Also, if you hear screaming and yelling and foul language that has yet to ever be uttered in the entirety of time… it’s just me.