I’m behind on my Being Human posts because of a combination of schoolwork and going away for spring break (which was of course earlier than everyone else’s). What you are about to read is for Episode 3 – “Type 4,” which was about a zombie.

Being Human has showed us vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. In this episode we finally added zombies to that list of supernatural wonders.  A woman dies and somehow reanimates… and then follows Annie home. “If she was just dead dead then no problem, but that is just weird.” Funny the distinctions we make when dealing with the supernatural.

The real problem here is not the zombie in the house. Well, that is a problem. Besides that though the real problem is that the girl is in denial about her condition. The group wants to send her back to the hospital, yet again saying “it’s not our problem,” but the hospital she came from seems to be involved in some shady practices, so they let her stay in the house.

Eventually the girl comes to terms with her situation, and the problem changes to what she is supposed to do now. Annie and Nina having a “girl’s night” with their newest resident corpse was what I’m calling our “Being Human” moment for the evening. Basically a “Being Human” moment is what I call it when the show takes an unusual circumstance and tries to humanize it (like a werewolf and a ghost going out for a night on the town). Things turn bad again when the zombie princess starts to decompose. They take her back home and try to help the best they can, but there’s not much that can be done. The girl is dead, and biology can’t be held back forever. She leaves us with a reminder to live life to the fullest and not let opportunity pass you by, because you never know when it is all going to be taken away. Another great message from what has become one of my favorite shows.

Side story for the week was George and Nina’s argument about the fact that she is pregnant and whether or not George has any say in Nina’s decision to have an abortion. I have said it before how much I love this show (and science fiction in general) for the role they play in important issues like this. The issue of abortion and whether the father has any rights in the decision-making process is definitely one of the biggest debates we have today. In the end this story ends up crossing over with the main one, because the girl’s message helps Nina make the decision to keep the baby. Annie is also moved by this message to finally admit to Mitchell how she feels. The episode ends with the two supernatural love birds kissing, and fans everywhere cheering that it didn’t take the whole season to make this happen.