George and Nina are starting a family and Mitchell and Annie are starting a relationship… and that’s what you missed last week on Being Human.


That’s right, last week we ended with Mitchell and Annie kissing (finally!) and thus admitting their feelings for each other.  This week they explore their new relationship in all its wonderful awkwardness.  Think about it – a vampire and a ghost are trying to have a “normal” relationship.  That’s gotta lead to a few awkward laughs.


Mitchell has other things to worry about besides how to approach his new relationship with Annie, though.  In the beginning of the season we heard a prophecy that he would be killed by a werewolf.  It’s no surprise then that Mitchell freaks out at the new werewolves that George and Nina have asked for help with their pregnancy.  The werewolves don’t like vampires any more than Mitchell likes them.  Mitchell might be overly cautious here with the prophecy in the back of his mind, but that also might not be a bad thing.  The older of the two werewolves definitely does not like Mitchell and is looking for the first chance to do some vampire slaying.  Mitchell tries a preemptive strike that backfires, and ironically forces the two to work together to save their stolen friends.  Enemies learning to work together for a common cause – this is our Being Human lesson of the week.  It is great seeing Mitchell make the decision to save McNair instead of letting him be killed.  Any time Mitchell makes the conscious choice of life over death it gives us another reason to be proud of him.  His past has haunted him for as long as we’ve known him, but even though he isn’t perfect (and who of us is?) he still tries to do the right thing when he can.  Kudos to the writers for keeping his character (and everyone on the show) consistent.


This week’s review was shorter than usual because everyone’s stories sorta merged together instead of sprouting off in different directions like they sometimes do.  With the season halfway over, look for things to heat up as we approach Mitchell’s “wolf-shaped bullet”.  Personally, I’m looking forward to more development of how George and Nina handle their new werewolf family, as well as Mitchell and Annie’s budding relationship.  What are the rest of you looking forward to in the second half of the season?