I’ve been pretty silent on NiB for awhile.

Recently I went on a vacation with my family. I thought that I couldn’t possibly find a way to nerd out on my trip as I was going to the Caribbean, but I was wrong!

During one of the information sessions on the cruise, I was super excited about going to see “That Yoda guy” aka Nick Maley. Nick was involved in the creation of that lovable green Jedi Master.

We floated over to St. Maarten on the dutch side of the island and I was thrilled to find that Nick was actually located on that side on the main drag.

Maley worked on 53 movies (including Superman, Krull and Highlander) before “trading his Ferrari for a sailboat” and making his home on St. Maarten.

When we entered, I have to admit I was a little trigger happy before his wife asked us nicely not to take a lot of photos. His gallery was separated into the artwork that he has worked on since settling in the Caribbean, and a private gallery that we would have been able to view if our purchase was high enough. Sadly, we didn’t reach that level (we were off by ten dollars and I didn’t want to beg and plead to go back there), but we could see a little bit of the private gallery through the fenced off area.

Nick’s work is incredibly impressive, especially his figure studies. He captures expressions and emotions very well and it is obvious that he still dreams of Dagobah.
Mr. Maley was very kind and courteous and his gallery showcased a balance of his past and present endeavors. I was nice to meet someone outside of the sometimes stressful convention atmosphere. He was also kind enough to point us in the correct direction of the delicious native cuisine (curries and jerks! curries and jerks! om nom nom nom!)
If you do happen to make it to St. Maarten at some point in your life, I highly suggest visiting the dutch side and spending a few minutes with “That Yoda Guy”.

If you want to hear more about my trip (which was far less nerdy than I was accustomed to), I made a video recap.

For more information on Nick Maley, please visit his site. In the navigational bar there is a link to visit his Star Wars history blog where he recounts some stories from his past work.