This past weekend, I exhibited at ConBust, located at Smith College in Northampton, MA. This is a small convention, but had a lot of fantastic artists and guests such as Randall Munroe from the webcomic XKCD and Mike “Mookie” Terracciano creator of .

What stood out for me, especially as a first time exhibitor, was how friendly and accessible the con staff was. The Artist Alley staff came around often asking if we needed anything, and this was not just a glass of water, but help carrying merchandise and other goods. I don’t normally see this at larger conventions.  Good grief, I’ve had experiences where staff didn’t even know where the Artist Alley was in the convention center. Some of those same staff were rude, treating me as though I were a bother for a simple question! I think it was experiences such as this that caused me to be blown me away when I arrived at the convention greeted by staff offering help to carry bags.

Granted, a neighbor and I did ask for cabana boys or girls when first asked if we needed anything….neither were available, but one can only ask so much and do we really need cabana boys or girls on a windy day in March?

I did hand out Nerds in Babeland buttons and cards as there were web comic artists, both as guests and exhibitors, as well as a few attendees. I do want to start reviewing web comics and fairly soon. I have to recover a little from this weekend, but I know I have some archives to look through.

Overall, I highly recommend this convention, both as an attendee and an exhibitor, whether you are a first time artist or have been around the con circuit for awhile. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is fantastic, and you will meet a lot of friendly people.

You can find out more about ConBust, including dates for next year at the following website: