*WARNING: Contains Some Spoilers*

Let me start by saying I am not usually a fan of what I call “Zoolander/Bruno” humor. Yes, I call it that because I can’t stand either one of those movies. Zoolander just bores me, whereas Bruno (and on that same note, Borat) makes me sick to my stomach. So I went into The Hangover determined I wasn’t going to like it. And I was way off base. I laughed so hard during that movie Mr. Doc had to pause it at least half a dozen times so I could go pee.

So when I heard that Zach Galifianakis was going to be doing a movie with Robert Downey Jr, I got really excited with a side feeling of trepidation. What if it goes back to that “Bruno” humor and I just hate it? I’m happy to say that’s wasn’t the case. Of course I’ll watch just about anything with Downey Jr. in it. (see above picture)

Due Date was a fun ride. From the very beginning when Downey Jr.’s character Peter is telling his wife about a dream he had where a bear chewed the umbilical off their soon-to-be born child, to the end where Peter and his wife are cuddled up in bed with their newborn daughter watching Galifianakis’s character, Ethan, make his TV debut on Two and Half Men.

It had its parts that made me cringe, in particular the scene where Ethan is beating off right next to Peter and then Peter looks in the backseat of the car and Ethan’s dog, Sunny, is DOING IT TOO. Mr. Doc found this so hysterical I was forced to watch it upwards of a dozen times. I finally took a cue from Peter and just hid my head under the covers.

One of my favorite scenes begins in the Range Rover Darryl loans Peter. Ethan is driving and Peter is asleep. We see Ethan taking a hit off a bong. It’s apparently time for his “glaucoma medicine.” Peter wakes up and tries to roll down a window, of course Ethan has locked them to get a “good clambake going so Sunny can get stoned.” Peter realizes he’s stoned too. He looks over at Ethan, and Ethan is a BEAR! *gasp* Is he the bear from Peter’s dream? They end up accidentally trying to cross the border into Mexico and they get stopped for having weed. Ethan runs away and leaves Peter to take the heat. Eventually he comes back and rescues Peter and they end up driving a Border patrol truck all the way to LA. On the trip there, Ethan finds a gun in the glove box and it goes off shooting Peter in the leg. They pull over, Ethan pukes on Peter’s gunshot wound, manages to rip a door off the truck and finally they make it to the hospital. Peter busts into his wife’s delivery room and promptly passes out from blood loss. When he comes too his daughter has been born, and Ethan the Bear was there to cut the umbilical cord.

I’ve heard this movie referred to as “The Hangover .5” and I can see where that is a true statement, but it was still a nice, no-thinking-required, easy to watch film. I laughed, a lot. Cried just a little when Darryl used Ethan’s father’s ashes to make coffee (he keeps them in a coffee can). And hid when Sunny masturbated. All in all I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Galifianakis or Downey Jr.