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In this episode George is surprised to find Herrick – who was presumed dead – to be alive and in the mental ward of the hospital. Panicking ensues (and rightfully so). Not sure what else to do, George and Nina take him back home. It’s weird, the idea of the group protecting Herrick after all the trouble he has caused them. One wonders if Mitchell doesn’t have the right idea just staking him – but then again, he doesn’t seem to remember his past life, so would that be right?


Equally weird is the idea of Herrick protecting the group. All he has to do is mention that Mitchell attacked him and there will be an investigation. Where once Herrick tried to ruin their lives, now they are working together. He says he feels safe with them. As a psychology student, the idea that our memories shape us is very prominent. When someone has amnesia, it almost gives them a second chance to start their lives over. There are some who feel that people are naturally inclined to be a certain way, but I think that is only part of the story. The other part is that our experiences help to shape us. With all of Herrick’s past experiences wiped clean, he now has a chance to start over. This is why it could be argued that even though Herrick has done horrible things in the past, it is wrong for Mitchell to want to kill him. It’s the classic “nature vs nurture” debate, and Being Human seems to be leaning towards the nature side. Even so, they did a good job of posing both sides of the argument before deciding that Herrick was just naturally evil. At least that’s how it seems with him leading Nina to evidence of Mitchell’s connection to the train massacre (which in turn leads her to call this lead in to the hotline attached to the investigation).


The main focus of this episode was Herrick’s return. The only other thing worth mentioning is with regards to Nina’s baby. It is very good to see that the baby can survive her transformation into a werewolf. Next thing I think we’re going to have to explore is if the baby will also be a werewolf from the moment it is born. I want to assume that the answer to that is “yes,” but we shall see.