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We start this week with a little history lesson, as we flashback to Herrick explaining the concept of an heir to Mitchell. An heir will inherit all your secrets, and be able to bring you back if something happens to you. The mystery of how Herrick was brought back is now somewhat revealed, although details are still missing.



Flash again to the present and the once mighty Herrick is now living in our group’s attic. I have to say though, Herrick might actually be scarier like this than he was when we knew him in his prime. Where before we knew what we were getting, we’re not really sure what to expect with this version. Mitchell has moved from his first instinct of trying to kill him, to keeping him alive for information about how Herrick survived a werewolf attack. The chances of this backfiring on him are huge, but he either doesn’t realize this or doesn’t care. For now, Mitchell’s main concern is finding a way to survive the predicted werewolf attack that is supposed to kill him.


Mitchell has two stories converge in this one, with an investigator knocking on their door to ask questions about the train massacre he was involved in. I really thought this woman was going to end up food for Herrick, but she walks out almost as quickly as she walks in. Of course this story can’t end that easily though. The woman comes back on another tip, this time to ask about Daisy. The “you’re going to regret coming back” moment comes with Herrick and the investigator talking in the bathroom. Anyone else think of “The Shining” when Herrick is watching the woman through the glass of the door? I definitely thought Herrick was going to kill her right then. It does way more damage by leading her to the information she needs to prove Mitchell’s involvement in the massacre, however. For better or worse, Mitchell realizes what has happened and calls her out on it. The suspicions have been placed though, and this woman is not going to let go any time soon. Too little, too late, burning that evidence, Mitchell.


The story with George for this week involves his father, who has passed away and is found as a ghost at his own funeral. This gives Being Human a chance to make another ridiculous scenario seem normal (a werewolf and his ghost father catching up on old times like it’s completely normal). George takes it upon himself to help his father figure out why he hasn’t moved on to the other side yet. It’s funny seeing them together and how much alike they are. There was also really good casting for this part, as they even look somewhat alike (at least enough that they could be related).


After doing a lot of digging, we find out that George’s father is not actually a ghost. He faked his death because with losing his wife to another man and not knowing his son was alive, he didn’t think anyone would miss him. The story now becomes him trying to win his wife back. I have to say I’m usually good at seeing the twists coming, but this one took me by surprise. It all works out in the end though, proving that happy endings can happen sometimes.


George’s family might have a happy ending for now, but with only two more weeks left I think it’s safe to assume things are going to heat up for our dysfunctional little family unit. Can’t wait to see what Being Human has cooked up for their grand finale.