Abyss: Family Issues #2, from Red 5 Comics,  continues the story of Eric Hoffman, a smart and sarcastic teen, taking over his super villian father’s mass riches, businesses and unfortunately his moniker. Eric struggles to change the reputation of Abyss by righting his father’s wrongs and pushing to build new friendships with super heros his father considered enemies. Although he seems to have made a positive impression on some like Arrow, Schaafte and Quiver, others remain skeptical of his true intentions and abilities to keep up. Issue #2 focuses on Eric discovering family secrets via a masked stranger named Pollack who claims to have inside information on Eric’s parents and on some hugely dangerous, sought after weapon Eric’s father kept hidden.

Without giving too much away, let’s say Eric quickly learns why Mr Magic has been particularly critical of him and he finds himself more determined than ever to change that. Again, the art work by Alfonso Ruiz is gorgeous, colorful and textured. This story is full of interesting characters who have yet to become boring. The real star in these comics is it’s sense of humor. It has a great one and laughs at it’s own super hero status quite often.

This series has been a blast so far, funny and clever, wonderfully drawn and always leaving some mystery that brings the reader back for more. If you haven’t already, go back and read the Abyss trade paperback that came before Family Issues, it’s just as much fun and is a great backdrop for what’s to come. I definitely look forward to more Abyss: Family Issues and highly recommend buying these from your local comic book shop.