I love supernatural shows and I adore comedy, so if you put them together I’ll likely be interested enough to give your show a look. That was my introduction to the web series Blood Light. Instead of focusing on the overly-dramatic situations that have littered contemporary supernatural genre projects, this series seeks to look at “the lighter side of death.” It takes jabs at Buffy, Dawson’s Creek, and True Blood in its attempt to show that life is not always glamorous, especially when you’re a vampire.

Alex and Ethan were recently turned into vampires. Instead of being cool and sexually alluring, they soon find that the world of vampires doesn’t live up to the hype. Yeah, being undead kinda sucks. Along with their very-much-alive friend Connor, who pretends to be a Spike-wannabe in hopes of luring a few willing women into his bed, the trio is trying to navigate the world of the supernatural while dealing with the everyday life around them. The standout character for me was Jobin, with his social awkwardness and ability to march to his own drummer, because he’s certainly not living in our reality.

The series began on September 17, 2010 with Part One of the first season, which consisted of five webisodes released every two weeks. To prove the high quality of this series, the first two Blood Light episodes won the Comedy of the Week award from Indie Intertube. After a brief hiatus, Part Two of the first season started on March 15, 2011 and just ended its run. This gives you perfect opportunity to go to their website and catch up on a fun series which doesn’t focus necessarily on vampires, but instead on people who happen to be vampires.