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Sorry for the gap in postings. The end of the semester at school has left me with very little time. To recap, the detective involved in the train massacre is on Mitchell’s tail and looking to prove he is the one responsible. This episode of Being Human focuses on the continued investigation, as well as the continuation of the “wolf-shaped bullet” story we started in the beginning of the season. I also think it’s worth mentioning that I have been negligent in warning people about spoilers, and for that I am sorry. For future reference, if you haven’t watched the episode yet then you probably shouldn’t be reading these recaps. And with that being said, here is my recap of “Though the Heavens Fall”.


“Whatever you are, it doesn’t have to define you” – Nina

In the last recap I talked a lot about Herrick through a psychology “nature vs nurture” lens and whether he had come back evil or not. Now is the time to comment on how good an actor Jason Watkins is. He does a fantastic job at making us question how dangerous Herrick is. There are moments where I think Herrick doesn’t know what he is, but usually something happens to make me certain he is more dangerous than any of them know.

Besides the focus on the usual cast of characters, this episode also brought back the McNairs (our second favorite werewolf family, next to George and Nina). Father was injured, so they went to George and Nina for help and shelter. Having the McNairs stay there will prove problematic, however, since it is a full moon that night. (Isn’t that always the way these stories go?) Mitchell plays it cool but is clearly nervous, what with the whole “wolf-shaped bullet” prophecy looming over him.

Mitchell is really the focus of most of this episode (and most of the season, in fact), since he has two stories that revolve around him. The other characters are still important though, as we get to see everyone’s reactions as they slowly learn the truth (or at least begin to suspect). Something I want to bring up about this is Annie’s reaction when she finds out about the scrapbook Mitchell is keeping on the train massacre. Watching her as she assumes that Mitchell must be investigating the massacre himself (so that he can bring Daisy to justice), I couldn’t help but see a classic case of denial and rationalization.  To anyone who is tired of my psych analysis of this show I’m sorry, but when you study this stuff you can’t help but see it everywhere. In this case, I couldn’t help but think how funny it is the lengths we will go to see the best in the people we love. They could do terrible things, and our friends can see what they really are (much like Nina sees what Mitchell really is), but we will do whatever it takes to convince ourselves that they are actually good people. I’m not saying Mitchell hasn’t changed since this incident occurred, or that he doesn’t deserve a second chance. On the other hand, it could be that I have become so attached to this character that I, too, will simply brush it off and say “everyone deserves a second chance”. I am curious what others have to say on this issue.

In classic Being Human fashion, this episode concluded with multiple twist endings. First up, there is finally evidence linking Mitchell to the train massacre. In a surprise twist though, the head of the investigation is actually a vampire and has been trying to cover this up the entire time. It all falls apart, and Mitchell allows himself to be arrested. Problem: What will happen as he is being processed in the police station and they take his picture? They leave us hanging here on this one, to ensure viewers watch the season finale (as if there was any question as to whether or not I would be watching it at some point).

The other surprise twist for the night was connecting the opening flashback to Herrick being the cause of an innocent being turned into a werewolf and the innocent turning out to be the elder McNair. Their both being in the same house may or may not be a coincidence, but McNair plans to use it towards his advantage and finally get some sweet, sweet revenge. Everything goes horribly wrong, and Herrick ends up the victor in this cage match. I don’t think I even want to know how Herrick fended off a werewolf attack WITH A BLOODY KNIFE. I don’t care if he is a vampire, that just seems impossible to me. Clearly he has embraced his inner vampire, as he also kills the detective who has Mitchell arrested. This final act seems to finally bring back the memories about his past life, which is unfortunate for Nina, who is left alone in the house with him. Herrick wants revenge for what George did to him, and hurting Nina is the best way to make that happen. It is unclear whether or not she will survive this attack. I want to say she will, since she is a main character, but this show has so many surprises that I can never be sure.

My final thoughts for this one are focused towards Nina’s pregnancy (assuming she and the baby both survive their recent attack). I said I wanted to see where they were going with this, since the baby seems to be able to survive Nina’s transformations. After the comments made about the size of the baby being abnormally large, I believe the “baby” is literally a werewolf baby – as in, it’s not going to be born as a human. I might be off here, but it does seem more likely with each new piece of evidence we get on the matter. Of course, this is assuming the baby survives mommy being attacked. Another concern is if they will be able to hide what they are while Nina is being treated in the hospital. But assuming everything works out and we get to see the baby being born, any thoughts for or against my latest theory are welcome.