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This is it, folks – the end of the third season of Being Human. This has arguably been the best season yet. I certainly have been on the edge of my seat almost the entire time. Everything we have seen up to this point all comes down to this episode. To recap: Mitchell has been arrested in connection to the train massacre, and Nina has been attacked by Herrick, who has regained memories of his past life. And that’s where we left off in the previous episode.

Warning: There are almost certainly going to be spoilers contained in this recap. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, consider yourself warned and proceed with caution.

We start the finale with Tom finding the dead and injured left from Herrick’s attack. Nina gets sent to the hospital, where Annie finds her and receives a message from purgatory. She has to return in order to prevent the wolf-shaped bullet from getting Mitchell. It is here we learn that the prophecy was a sham devised to mess with Mitchell’s head, as punishment for her death. Fake or not, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy that Mitchell has made come true. Annie convinces Lia that revenge is not the answer and goes back to try to fix things.

While all this is happening, Mitchell escapes prison with the help of Herrick, but it ends up being his removal from one prison to another, as Herrick knocks him out and takes him away. Mitchell tries to convince Herrick that he is willing to join forces in order to survive. The only way to do this though is to turn against George, who has been kidnapped by Herrick’s men. And thus the prophecy is set up, with George and Mitchell thrown in a cage and forced to go against each other. Herrick fills George’s head with thoughts of Nina being killed and how Mitchell lit the fuse that started it all, and George loses control. Mitchell tries to explain he is not actually working for Herrick, but George doesn’t want to hear it. Russell Tovey conveys George’s heartbreak and betrayal excellently here. It is this look of contempt that finally makes Mitchell realize how far off course he has gone, which in turn pushes him to finally make the right decision and kill Herrick himself.

Best scene in the whole bloody season (or at least this episode) goes to when Mitchell comes home, faces the rest of the group, and asks George to kill him. It looks at the relationships that we have seen form over three seasons, especially the friendship that has formed between Mitchell and George and how it has changed them both. The scene takes three people who used to call Mitchell friend and shows them considering killing him.

I guess when I said “best scene ever” I should have said “series of scenes,” because the last 15-20 minutes of this episode are some of the best moments in television. George and Mitchell facing off and examining their friendship in a scene that is both simple and powerful. You honestly don’t know how it will all play out. Mitchell does everything to taunt George into killing him, but George continuously tells him “this will not work”. Aidan Turner does a remarkable job of conveying the pain that Mitchell carries with him (and has throughout the entire series). Just as George is ready to do as Mitchell asks, Wyndam (one of the old ones) stops them and says he is forcing Mitchell to join him. He gives a fantastic speech outlining his plans for everyone, and just as I am thinking how amazing next season is going to be, the biggest surprise of the season comes – George kills Mitchell in order to stop Wyndam from using him as a weapon. If George had to kill Mitchell, I’m glad he did it out of love and friendship instead of from a place of anger. Their final words almost broke my heart, they were that moving:

George: I’m doing this because I love you.

Mitchell: I know.

This scene was made especially moving thanks to the acting of Tovey and Turner. Also, kudos to the writers for their work on the show and a fantastic ending.

Final wrap-up – I didn’t think the team over at Being Human could top this season, but what they have set up for Season 4 has me wishing I had my own personal TARDIS so I could jump the waiting period and see what happens next.