Many people go to Hollywood to seek their dream. Some succeed, some leave after disappointments, but then there are the others…the ones who are actively seeking their big break while working dead-end jobs. One day they’ll be famous, but for now there are tables to be cleared. The Six Figures web series takes a peek at six friends who are in this situation.

Gabrielle Donovan: Played by Catherine Annett (Femme Fatales), Gabrielle is a financially smart model who doesn’t have to get a “real” job, she spends her time between gigs watching television and failing at cooking.

Sydney Jaffe: She wants to be a stand-up comedienne, but the gigs are few and far between. Instead, she is a PA for a director who is a little off his rocker. She’s not pessimistic, she’s just a bit more realistic about how tough the business is. It doesn’t stop her from dreaming of her big break, though. Syndney is played by Lira Kellerman (Pushing Twilight).

Wes Wisnewski: Played by Jason Lockhart (Edge of Seventeen), Wes wants to be a legitimate film maker. Too bad the closest he’s gotten so far is editing porn. But he knows he’s going to make it one day. He’s just got to pay his dues for now.

Tucker Alexander: He’s going to be a novelist who gets paid to stay home all day and unleash the next best-seller. In the meantime, he’s got to scroll through ads on Craigslist to make enough to tide him over. It’s hard to stay optimistic when life keeps giving him one problem after the other. Tucker is played by Marco Naggar (Metal Heads).

Jason Mitchell: Played by Marcus A. Stewart (Pole Tricks), Jason knows he has the looks, so why aren’t more casting directors calling him to be their next big star? Jasson is going to make it big one day and then everyone will be fawning over themselves to meet him. Until then, he’ll have to wait tables and bide his time.

Laurel Fitzgerald: She wants to write songs and sing them on the radio. For now, she’s stuck with serenading the dogs she walks during her day job. Laurel has a sweet personality and is very easily liked. That should serve her well when she becomes a superstar. Laurel is played by Katie Wilson (2012: Ice Age).

The stand-out favorites, for me so far, are definitely Jason and Tucker. I love that Jason’s just fed up with life in general and he expresses that displeasure so easily. Even though he’s not very approachable, you can’t help but want to be his friend and get to know him better. I guess that’ll work out quite well for him. And then there’s Tucker, whose language is so flowery that the regular person would have a hard time understanding him. As a writer myself, I hope I never sound like that, though it does make good comedy.

You can find the episodes on YouTubeFunnyorDieDailymotion, or their website. New episodes premiere on Monday, so be sure to tune in! I know I will be.