Red Five Comics recently published Abyss #3, by Kevin Rubio and Alfonso Ruiz. If you haven’t read the first issues of this series, please get caught up here.   

The point of this issue is to explain to us the origins of ATOZ, the secret weapon that Eric Hoffman’s father has hidden in his underground lair. Why does everyone want it, what is it? The story involves aliens dropping from the sky, the military claiming ownership of alien technology and finding multiple ways to use it to our advantage, some of them sillier than others. One particular piece of alien technology, something they peg ‘the liquid’ leaves every scientist and engineer baffled as to it’s powers or weaknesses. One particular scientist decides this ‘liquid’ is priceless and succeeds in stealing it from the military. Would you be surprised if it ends up being used for devious purposes?

Fast forward to today and Eric Hoffman is busy cracking a hidden code in his father’s lair through a chess game. ATOZ is revealed and so are visitors. Eric doesn’t seem so bothered that these visitors let themselves into his ‘secret’ lair. He’s distracted by their news that Quiver is missing. The Arrow says he came to see if Eric could help them find her, claims Quiver is “crushing” on Eric.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise ending to this issue, so I’ll just say that we are left wondering who is really who they say they are and what makes ATOZ so damn important to every super hero and villian that knows it exists.

As I’ve said before, this comic series has a great sense of humor. It’s silly and endearing. This issue didn’t offer as much progression in the story as the first 2, but it also didn’t leave me feeling less interested. It’s a well written and colorful comic and well worth checking out, especially if you want a fresh, slightly comedic super hero tale.