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If you live in Los Angeles and happen to be a nerd and/or comic book fan, you have likely heard of the NerdMelt series of events that have been taking place at Meltdown Comics over the last few months. Not only are we here at Nerds in Babeland huge fans of Meltdown Comics, we also happen to have a special place in our heart for all things Nerdist related (in case you haven’t noticed).

This week they have an awesome show hosted by a fellow lady nerd, Sandra Daughetry.  “Sex Nerd” Sandra Daughetry is the lead sex educator at Pleasure Chest LA and has been teaching sex and intimacy skill workshops for over two years, helping thousands of people improve their sex lives. Now The Nerdist’s own sexpert brings those skills to the back of a comic book store! Come and see the woman who brought you “The Crab Hand of Doom” & “The Clittiest Part of the Man-Clit” live and in person as she geeks out on the finer points of orgasming your life and answers your most intimate questions.There will be guests! Prizes! Even sex toy reviews!

Purchase tickets online here.

You can find a list of all NerdMelt events (and links to purchase tickets online) here.