When the writers of the webseries “Free Advice” approached us to take a look at their episodes, I was curious. The series is based on the creators’ own experience running a free advice table on Santa Monica Beach in LA. With a wide range of characters telling their stories, the series has a potential for exploring fun and interesting topics. Plus, each episode is short and self-contained, so it’s a quick stop on your way around the web.


The official website is a bit lacking, since it’s imposed on the Blip.TV system. I was curious about more information concerning the series as well as the writers, but the website doesn’t give anything to satisfy those needs. Actually, from my own perspective, I’d skip over the official site and just head to the videos uploaded on YouTube to cut down on extra advertising and related video data.


If you’re in need of a quick video fix, this series will satisfy you. New episodes are set to be released monthly, so check back for those. And if you want to know more about the show, you can check out Emmett Loverde’s site or their Facebook page. I’m hoping to see them build up a larger library of episodes, as the experience passed a bit quickly.