6 months after being released as a digital only premier, Red 5‘s Bonnie Lass has been upgraded to print, thanks to a loyal, paying reader base. The first issue of Bonnie Lass will debut in September. If you are excited to get a copy, make sure you ask for a pre-order from your local comic shop using JUL111217.

press release

We are introduced to Bonnie in a rough, old west style saloon, where she’s hard at work swindling an ancient artifact from the ruffian who she is supposed to deliver it to. Brawls and a good ole’ fashioned bad guy (and girl) chase follow. Local law enforcement are outwitted, lots of shots are fired and Bonnie shows off her chops against the big boys. This story starts off fast and doesn’t stop.

Continue reading and we get the story of Bonnie’s family, including her brother, Benjamin Lass, and her infamous swashbuckling father, Cuthbert. Daddy issues abound and although it’s not a fresh idea, it’s an interesting twist of reality in an otherwise goofy, lighthearted adventure. Seems Bonnie, Benjamin and Trick (the doctor?) are hell bent on proving themselves more successful, more dangerous pirates than Cuthbert.

The crew throw themselves in to all sorts of fantastic adventures; fighting other-worldly sea creatures, catapulting over waterfalls and falling into the dastardly schemes of a technologically advanced villain.
Written by Tyler Fluharty and Michael Mayne, art also by Michael Mayne, Bonnie Lass is a fun ride that offers a super cool mix of pirate shenanigans, wild west brawls and modern tech. Graduating to Red 5‘s print line up after only 6 months in digital production is something to be proud of and this story will make a fantastic collection.
The entire mini-series is available now online, through digital comic stores.