DragonGem Productions is producing a new webseries called Posthuman. Currently on its fifth episode, the series is set in the future and follows Charlie Porter’s journey back to the place where he lost his life and his search to discover the mystery surrounding the “Meme” subculture. If you want to go in absolute order, there is a Prologue episode that is a sort of “mini-episode” addition to the plot. However, I’m not sure the introspection of the prologue monologue works. It’s set up to be a dialogue without the benefit of the second participant. Realistically, you could probably just skip it and dive right into the series itself.


Charlie is a haunted man, haunted by the voice of his client’s partner playing relentlessly in his head. He’s on a search to solve his assigned case, but he’s also trying to solve his own. The truth may lay in the ghetto, but is he ready to go back there? We’re given brief glimpses of Charlie’s past and some backstory as to what this world is now, but with the short episodes we’re just delving into the real plot of where this journey will take Charlie and what he’ll find along the way.


I actually did like the differing POVs and time periods of the series so far, as the audience got to experience parts of the story without knowing all the pieces yet. It creates a deeper sense of curiosity and makes the audience want to return for more. That’s the hook of a good series. Check out PostHuman at their site today! I’ll be tuning in to see how it all plays out for Charlie and the rest of the characters.