Home at Last is a new web series that has yet to premiere. However, the lead-up has got fans buzzing. You might recognize some of the cast, since they’re very recognizable from other projects. William Russ, who plays the father and is also the co-producer, is best known for his role on Boy Meets World. Mike Bash, another co-producer who plays the son, was a series regular on the show Common Avenue. Lisa Kellerman, who plays Kim, has been a series regular on both the Pushing Twilight series, as well as the series Six Figures.

The premise is simple. Mike’s father is homeless, so like a good son he invites dear old dad to come stay with him. That’s when the trouble begins. Mike’s roommate isn’t on board with the plan, and neither are his other friends and loved ones, but what may seem like a bad idea is fodder for a comedic good time for audiences.

You can see the series trailer on their website and it’s evident even from that short clip that the project has professional editing and acting going for it. Each episode will span 4-6 minutes and air every other week for six episodes. That means three months of fun for viewers, interspersed with other behind the scenes videos. Stay tuned for the series!


Episode List:

  • Episode 1: “Pee Paw”
  • Episode 2: “Welcome Home, Dad”
  • Episode 3: “The Bag Business”
  • Episode 4: “An Inconvenient Burden”
  • Episode 5: “Violently Loved Under a Pile of Bricks”
  • Episode 6: “Episode 7”