September is one of my favorite months of the year. The heat in LA finally breaks, mist creeps into the morning sky, leaves start to fall and my DVR slowly becomes fill to the brim with dozens of new TV shows to occupy my evenings. I love TV more than I can tell you and I treat the watching of pilots and the programming of my DVR like some people do sports. I’ll be posting a series of quick, spoiler-free reviews over the next month or so as the networks slowly premiere their new series’. I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear from you on what you’re watching and enjoying!

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After many months of hype, I was finally able to watch Ringer last night and I had some very mixed thoughts on it. I, like so many other Buffy fans, was thrilled to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on TV. Her performance as two identical twin sisters is, at times, wonderful. She is able to switch between the uptight, cold Siobhan and the relaxed, fearful Bridget with ease. I don’t think I will be spoiling much (since the trailers do the same) to say that, through a variety of circumstances, Bridget ends up taking over Siobhan’s life. Bridget’s transformation was too smooth for me at several points during the show. I was taken out of the moment by Bridget’s ease with some of the details of Siobhan’s life and one must gather that she is an excellent actress to change lives so fast.

Much is made of duality in the show and mirrors are shown time and time again. While is certainly a theme that should be explored in this show, I felt like I was being beaten over the head with it. The direction lacked some subtlety that I hope will appear as the season progresses. The special effects also ranged from the gorgeous (the mirror scene in the bathroom) to the dreadful (the entire boat sequence). I hope they don’t cut too many corners and use green screens to ill effect, but rather to enhance the twin effect.

While there were many things I didn’t like, I find myself still interested in where the show is headed and I’ll be tuning in again next week. I’m not excited yet, but I’m gonna give it another chance. There are enough good things here and Gellar is a compelling enough actress to make me curious. I hope that Ringer finds its footing soon because the concept of a Film Noir on the CW staring Buffy herself is just too good to go to waste.

Recommended For: Fans of Buffy, Film Noir “light” and those who can’t get enough of twins.

The Good: Attractive cast, Unique plot, Compelling Lead

The Not So Good: Special Effects (sometimes), Direction, Music