This post contains minor spoilers IF the CW decides to actually follow the story from the book… At all…


Oh CW… I wish I could quit you.


Yes, with the new seasons starting in the US, there are new shows coming out as well.

The CW optioned yet another one of L.J. Smith’s series. Last time it was Vampire Diaries, a series I wasn’t super invested in as a teenager. Now it’s The Secret Circle. Now… It’s personal.

Growing up in New England, Salem is pretty much your go to destination for Halloween hokery. The Secret Circle is a story about witches whose ancestors moved and established a new home in New Salem. Granted, they are not the most original of the bunch, but that’s fine.

In the books, Cassie is a shy sixteen year old girl who falls in love with a boy she saves on her summer vacation. She comes to find out that her mother and she are not leaving the area. In fact, they are returning to her mother’s hometown to live with her grandmother. School starts and she is taken under the wing of Diana. She eventually finds out… wait for it…  DIANA is a witch! Like, Fairuza Balk in The Craft type of witch. Wait. Not crazy. The crazy witch in Smith’s stories is Faye, an uncontrollable firestarter.

Out of all of her series, The Secret Circle trilogy was my second favorite with The Vampire Diaries coming out at the end of all of her Night World one-shot stories. Imagine my surprise when within the first five minutes, Cassie’s mother is dead and Cassie doesn’t save Adam on the beach. I was extremely disappointed. The reason that Cassie and Adam’s attraction was so great in the books is that they never thought they were going to see each other again. When they bump into each other at school and she finds out he’s Diana’s boyfriend MY TEENAGE SOUL WEPT (I was ridiculously book-emo).

The CW series varies greatly from the books because in the books there are twelve kids, not six. I really loved the Henderson brothers in the book and I’m a bit sad that it doesn’t look like they’re going to be included.

The biggest let down of the episode is that the writers buried the lead. They threw the information on Cassie that she was a powerful witch and she was in complete disbelief. Had they waited for her to come to grips with it within the next few episodes it would have been a little bit more believable then having her run to the rescue of Faye within moments of the episode conclusion.

I will give it a few more episodes because I am a huge fan of the Nick character and I really want to see what they do with him, and I’d like to see who this Melissa girl is. I don’t remember her from the books.