Official Press Release

Los Angeles, California – BleedFest Film Festival, the monthly networking mixer, screening, and charity event promoting women who make badass movies, is ecstatic to present the World Premiere of DAWN OF THE DRAGONSLAYER. It is the world’s first fantasy dragon feature directed by a woman. BleedFest runs Sunday, September 25th from 1-5pm, with the feature screening at 3 pm. There will be a Q & A with writer/director Anne K. Black, writer/producer Kynan Griffin, and more members of the cast and crew. The September charity is Impact Personal Safety, the full contact self-defense training that teaches women, kids, and men simple techniques that save lives.

September marks the move to the historic El Cid in Silverlake, a legendary Hollywood dinner theatre where D.W. Grifith’s BIRTH OF A NATION screened in 1915. Says co-founder Brenda Fies “Isn’t it awesome? We had to expand to a legendary theatre that seats up to two hundred! Even better, filmmakers will now have a stage and microphone to address the large audience, who will be enjoying lunch and cocktails with their badass movies by female filmmakers!” Elisabeth Fies, the other half of the demented duo The Fies Sisters chimed in, “We have the best audience, and now they’re going to be even happier! We listened and got them food, more networking time, and an hour less of programming. Now that we’re in our ninth month, we feel more confident saving back a film for next time.”

The Shorts Section from 1:45-2:40pm showcases six different genres female filmmakers aren’t normally associated with. A screening of December 2010 Partnership Award Winner Dave Reda’s newest short MY UNDEADLY features his signature blend of comic/horror/romance and stars the wonderful Michelle Tomlinson. A special rescreening of June Audience Winner ZEKE (Student Academy Award Winner, Silver Medal) by Dana Buning, a thrilling short about about a vindictive tomcat not too keen on sharing the house with the owner who had him neutered. Making their debut at BleedFest is stalwart underground horror writer/director Lisa Coffelt with SCORN packing a punch at one minute; actress/producer Kari Nissena with the winsome and pitch perfect film noir serial SILVER PATRIOT; and writer/director Elizabeth Brissenden’s visually stunning poem of longing in Los Angeles MISSED CONNECTIONS. Rounding out the block of Genre Hodgepodge is a World Premier scene from on the brink of stardom actress/producer/swordstress/phenom Tara Cardinal’s upcoming fantasy/action/adventure feature LEGEND OF THE RED REAPER.

Raffle Winners receive a favorite BleedFest Alum feature film DVD of either WAKING DREAMS by Deepika Daggubati, THE COMMUNE by BleedFest co-founder Elisabeth Fies, or A FOUNDLING by Carly Lyn. Raffle names will be drawn by horror hostess Jill Kill and emerging Scream Queen Jessica Cameron, star of The Fies Sisters’ latest free fear film ACCOMPLICE, premiering September 22nd at Says Elisabeth Fies, “We love Jill Kill’s funny and smart YouTube movie reviews, and Jessica Cameron has a lovely soul that shines onstage and on camera.”

BleedFest welcomes back charming celebrity photographer Winston Burris from PR Photos as he provides Red Carpet exposure to the filmmakers and attendees from 1-1:30pm, included with the admission price of $10 cash at the door.

The Inanna Partnership Award is given every month to a male filmmaker who portrays a full-bodied, empowered female protagonist. September’s recipient is Darrell Wheat, director of the twisted cheerleading horror/comedy/social statement short film SWALLOWED. Due to his schedule, Darrell will appear and screen in October’s BleedFest Event. The Sunday October 23rd BleedFest event will be a horror blow-out featuring the Los Angeles premier of supernatural horror comedy THE SELLING directed by Emily Lou.

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