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When I went back to my On-Demand to re-watch the pilot for Fox’s New Girl just to refresh my memory after watching the second episode to write this review (and because to be honest it’s super cute) the description read “Zooey Deschanel is simply adorkable in NEW GIRL”. While this is completely true I really want to know who is it that writes these descriptions for Comcast. Some are hilarious, others are rife with spelling and grammar errors, and then others take “our” phrases . But that is beside the point. On to my thoughts on New Girl.

I’ll admit, I think Zooey Deschanel is awesome.  She is in two of my regular “there’s nothing on and I just want to veg out” movies: Hitchhiker’s Guide, and Tin Man.  So I was really looking forward to New Girl and hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed. So far, I haven’t been.

Jess (Deschanel) is a school teacher who comes home to find her boyfriend Spencer has been cheating on her. She has been staying with her friend Cece (Hannah Simone) who is a model and she needs to find her own place. She answers a room for rent ad on Craigslist placed by Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.). They are hesitant to let her move in to start but Schmidt says yes when he finds out her friends are models. She is quirky and fun and randomly sings silly little songs (which is something my husband does all the time so I find it endearing- no really, I do).

Schmidt is your typical doucebag wanna-be; they even have a “Douchebag Jar” that he has to put a dollar in when he says or does something douchey. He seems to be an actual nice guy though. Coach was only in the pilot as Damon Wayans Jr’s show Happy Endings was renewed. He is replaced in the second episode by Winston (Lamorne Morris), who has just returned from Latvia where he was playing basketball but he lived in the loft before going away. They don’t explain where Coach has gone, which irked me a bit. And I loved the character, but I think that Winston will work out just fine.

Now maybe I’m asking for too much, and I’m sure some people will yell at me, but I want nothing more than for this show to be COMPLETELY predictable and eventually have Nick and Jess hook up. They would be adorable. Nick was dumped by his girlfriend 6 month prior to the first episode and in a short amount of time becomes fairly protective of Jess. And to be honest he is my favorite of all the guys, he isn’t a douche, and he is just a nice dude. There are lots of shots with him looking at her very thoughtfully, or maybe that’s just me projecting my desires onto the TV.

There is a lot of goofiness and a few geeky references that had me cheering. Episode 1 had an awesome Lord of the Rings reference and episode 2 references Kryptonite (also the title of the episode). And in one scene Jess says, ‘It’s astronomy day so I have to go get my beard.” YAY Hitchhiker’s Guide reference!

All in all I am happy with this show, I love the opening sequence and almost all of Jess’ outfits (though I gotta say I’m a big fan of tights and the outfit in the opening would have looked better with tights, just sayin’) and Zooey Deschanel’s singing is something that makes me happy, so a show that works that into itself is awesome in my book. When it comes to TV-viewing my favorites are Game of Thrones, Doctor Who & Torchwood, and I also watch True Blood and Vampire Diaries and have started on The Secret Circle, so it’s nice to have something light-hearted and silly that I actually enjoy. I will keep watching and the DVR is set so that if I’m ever away from home I will have it recorded. I fully suggest you do the same!